About Adaptive Security

Adaptive Security technology offers to turn on a secure connection when you connect to the Internet via an unsecured Wi-Fi network. This way, you can enter your confidential data safely, for example, in a public Wi-Fi network.

You can configure rules to automatically activate a secure connection for networks that you use often.

If there is no Internet connection in an unsecured Wi-Fi network, a secure connection will not be turned on automatically or the app will not offer to turn on a secure connection. The app will notify you that there is no Internet connection in the unsecured Wi-Fi network.

If you configured automatic activation of a secure connection or tapped Turn on for the unsecured Wi-Fi network without an Internet connection, the app will check for an Internet connection during one hour. If the app detects Internet connection, a secure connection will be turned on. If the device is disconnected from this Wi-Fi network, the app will stop trying to turn on a secure connection on the device.

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