How to activate the Premium version

An activation code is a unique sequence of 20 letters and numbers. To activate the Premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids, you need to enter an activation code on the My Kaspersky website, section Summary (you are redirected here right after a login procedure) or Licenses (besides the activation opportunity, the section offers detailed information about your subscriptions). The premium version's subscription period starts when you enter the activation code on the My Kaspersky website.

Also you can input the activation code from your parent's Android mobile device (the Additional button in the lower-right corner → Activation code).

If your My Kaspersky account already has a valid activation code for Kaspersky Safe Kids, the application recognizes the activation code and switches to the premium version when you connect to My Kaspersky with your account.

You can obtain an activation code in one of the following ways:

Contact Customer Service to recover your activation code if you lose it.

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