Kaspersky Safe Kids features on Android/iOS

You can install Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android/iOS on the child's mobile device and the parent's mobile device. Mobile devices with Kaspersky Safe Kids installed are automatically connected to the My Kaspersky.

App functions available on your child's device

When Kaspersky Safe Kids is set up on your child's mobile device, it does the following:

Child protection settings are not available in the app installed on your child's device. You can set up child protection on the My Kaspersky or in the app installed on the parent's device.

App functions available on the parent's device

When Kaspersky Safe Kids is set up on a parent's mobile device, it lets you:

All actions available on the parent's mobile device can also be performed on My Kaspersky, where you can also view detailed reports about all of your child's activities on the devices.

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