Enabling export of events in CEF format

Before enabling export of events in CEF format, it is recommended to specify a category (facility) for syslog that is not used by other programs on the server.

To enable export of events in CEF format:

  1. Open the XML file containing the extracted settings of the klms-control utility.
  2. If you want to select the syslog category (facility) to which the events will be exported, in the opened file in the <siemSettings> section, specify one of the following values of the <facility> parameter:
    • Auth
    • Authpriv
    • Cron
    • Daemon
    • Ftp
    • Lpr
    • Mail
    • News
    • Syslog
    • User
    • Uucp
    • Local0
    • Local1
    • Local2
    • Local3
    • Local4
    • Local5
    • Local6
    • Local7

    By default, the value is set to Mail.





  3. In the opened file, in the <siemSettings> section, set the value of the <enabled> parameter to 1.




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