Configuring the Anti-Phishing module

To configure the Anti-Phishing module:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsGeneralProtection section.
  2. Select the Anti-Phishing tab.
  3. Enable or disable the Anti-Phishing module with the Use Anti-Phishing toggle switch.

    The Anti-Phishing module is enabled by default.

  4. If at the previous step you enabled the Anti-Phishing module, in the Maximum scanning time (s) field, enter the maximum duration of an Anti-Phishing scan in seconds.

    Possible values: integers from 1 to 600. Default value: 30.

    If the message cannot be scanned within the time limit you specified, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway:

    • Interrupts the message scan.
    • Performs your configured action on the message.
    • Assigns the Error status to the message.
    • Adds a record to the /var/log/ksmg-messages event log.
  5. Click Save.

The Anti-Phishing module is configured.

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