Filtering application events

Information about application events is logged in the event log of the node where the events took place. When the node is removed from the cluster or access is lost to the node, the event log becomes unavailable.

You can filter events in the event log by one or more criteria.

To filter application events in the event log:

  1. In the main window of the application web interface, open the management console tree and select the Events section.
  2. Select the Program tab.

    Event information is displayed as a table.

  3. Click reports_filter.

    This opens the add filter window.

  4. In the drop-down list, select the maximum number of displayed events that match the filtering criteria.
  5. Click Add filter.
  6. In the fields that appear, configure the filtering criterion that you want. To do so, populate the filter fields in accordance with the following table.

    a. Select a criterion:

    b. Select a logical operator:

    c. Enter a value:

    Date and time

    • from
    • before

    Time period when the event occurred.


    • equal
    • not equal

    IP address and port of the node on which the event occurred.

    Event type

    • equal
    • not equal

    Select the event type:

    • Audit
    • Backup
    • Database update
    • Integrity check
    • LDAP synchronization
    • Settings export
    • Settings import


    • equal
    • not equal

    Select the event:

    • Anti-Virus databases are up to date
    • Anti-Virus databases applied
    • Audit started
    • Audit stopped
    • Anti-Spam databases are up to date
    • Anti-Spam databases applied
    • Anti-Phishing databases are up to date
    • Anti-Phishing databases applied
    • Backup digest sent
    • Task started
    • Application settings import
    • Anti-Virus databases loading error
    • Anti-Spam databases loading error
    • Anti-Phishing databases loading error
    • Databases update error
    • Integrity check
    • Application started. Real-time scan started
    • Application settings export


    • equal
    • not equal
    • contains
    • not contains

    Name of the user in LDAP under whose account the event occurred.

    Actions that the application performs automatically are recorded in the event log under the "kluser" account.


    • equal
    • not equal

    Select the result:

    • Success
    • Fail

You can enter multiple filtering criteria. To add another criterion, click Add filter. Filtering criteria are combined with the "AND" logical operator.

  1. Click Apply.
  2. Close the add filter window.

The table of events is displayed in accordance with filtering criteria.

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