How to update the application

The application is updated automatically if you select run mode Automatically in the update settings window (Database UpdateDatabases update schedule).

The application is automatically updated if you install a new version of the application over the previous one.

Installing Kaspersky Small Office Security over Kaspersky Small Office Security 5, 6 or 7

If you install Kaspersky Small Office Security on a computer where Kaspersky Small Office Security 5, 6 or 7 is already installed, the following types of data will be unavailable:

If you have a current license for a previous version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, you do not need to activate the application. The Setup and Removal Wizard will automatically retrieve information about the license for the previous version of Kaspersky Small Office Security and apply it during installation of Kaspersky Small Office Security.

While downloading the update, the application compares the previous and new versions of the End User License Agreement, Kaspersky Security Network Statement, and Statement regarding data processing for marketing purposes. If the agreements and/or statements differ, the application offers you to read and accept them again.

Certain limitations apply to the upgrade from the previous version.

If you had previously created a container in Kaspersky Small Office Security 4, on first access to the container, Kaspersky Small Office Security converts it to a data vault. Files in the data vault become available when the conversion is complete. It may take a long time to convert containers into data vaults.

The application can be upgraded if the following versions of Kaspersky Small Office Security are installed on your computer:

Limitations on upgrades from a previous version of the application

Upgrading from Kaspersky Small Office Security entails the following limitations and special considerations:

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