Getting technical support in your account

You can get technical support by sending a request to Kaspersky Technical Support in your account on Management Console.

Before contacting Technical Support, please read the Support Service Terms and Conditions.

To submit a request to Technical Support:

  1. Go to the Support section.
  2. In the Technical Support Center window, click the Request Technical Support button.

    A request creation form opens.

  3. In the Platforms section, select the operating system of your device.

    The Kaspersky applications list will be filtered for the selected operating system.

  4. In the Application and system info section, select your application and application version, and specify your operating system version.
  5. In the Request type section, select the request type and the subtype.
  6. In the Problem description section, describe the problem.
  7. Attach files containing information about the problem (for example, a snapshot of an error or a log file) to the request. Accept the File Upload Agreement, if necessary.

    Maximum file size – 10 MB; total files size – 50 MB maximum. You can also attach large files to your request by using WebDAV uploading.

  8. Click the Send button.

    The request is submitted to Technical Support. The request number is displayed.

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