Installing available updates

Based on the update search results, Kaspersky Software Updater makes a list of updates for applications installed on your computer. You can update applications and exclude them from the list of updates. An Internet connection is required to download the updates.

To install the available updates:

  1. In the main application window, do one of the following:
    • Click the Last search for updates: N minutes / hours / days ago link.

      The Updates window opens.

    • Click the N updates found link, which is displayed during the search for updates.

      The Updates window opens.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • To install all updates from the list of updates, click the Update all button.

      Kaspersky Software Updater will start updating all the applications that were in the list of updates at the time when it was launched. Applications that are on the exclusion list will not be updated.

    • If you want to update a particular application, click the Update button next to the application name.

      You can update an application in the exclusion list. After updating, Kaspersky Software Updater will remove the application from the exclusion list and will notify you when new updates for the application are released.

      If you need to accept the End User License Agreement in order to update an application, read the text of the agreement before running the update. End User License Agreements are available though links next to the application names. If you are unable to view the text of the End User License Agreement, try again later or use another method to install the update.

Depending on the options you have selected, the updates will be installed for all the applications in the list of updates or for the selected application only. The installation of certain updates requires that you close running applications. You can view a list of applications that need to be closed by clicking the Show applications link located in the line displaying the update. You can close the applications manually or by using the list. The updated applications are displayed in the Installed updates list.

The updates that require a computer restart are also displayed in the Installed updates list. Next to such updates, you will see a message stating Restart the computer to apply changes. If you close the window of Kaspersky Software Updater, the application will clear the list of installed updates regardless of whether or not you have restarted the computer.

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