About the license

A license is a time-limited right to use the application, granted under the End User License Agreement.

The License includes the right to:

The scope of services and validity period depend on the type of license under which the application was activated.

The following license types are provided:

Application functionality that is available under a commercial license depends on the license edition. The following license editions are available for Kaspersky Security application:

The suspicious network activity detection functionality is available only if you are using the application under an enterprise license.

The following licensing schemes are available for Kaspersky Security:

You may use only server keys or keys with a limitation on the number of processor cores or processors to protect virtual machines running Linux guest operating systems.

If you are using a licensing scheme that is based on the number of virtual machines, the license restriction count includes all virtual machines that were under the protection of the application over the last 30 days, even if those virtual machines are currently powered off.

If you do not want a virtual machine to be included in the license restriction count, you can exclude the virtual machine from the protected virtual machines by using one of the following methods:

You can use only one of the available licensing schemes within a single VMware vCenter Server.

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