Appendix. Using the klconfig script API to define SVM configuration settings

The main resource for deploying and assigning SVM configuration settings is the SVM Management Wizard, which you can run from the Integration Server Console.

You can also perform initial configuration of new SVMs and change the configuration settings of previously deployed SVMs using the klconfig script API manually or by means of automation tools.

If the SVM Management Wizard is not used, the SVM deployment procedure consists of the following stages (the sequence and number of stages depends on the type of virtual infrastructure):

  1. SVM deployment using virtual infrastructure tools from the image included in the application distribution kit, and configuration of SVM system resources.
  2. Configuring an SVM first startup script. To configure certain SVM configuration settings, you can use a script that is started when the SVM is started for the first time.
  3. Starting the SVM. At this step, the SVM receives an IP address.
  4. Assigning SVM configuration settings and checking the success of SVM deployment using configuration commands.

You can also use configuration commands to change the configuration settings of previously deployed SVMs.

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