Enabling the function of transferring report data

By default, the function of transferring report data is disabled on the Integration Server. If you want to receive tenant protection reports, enable the function of transferring report data in the Integration Server configuration file: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky VIISLA\viislaservice.exe.config.

To enable the function of receiving report data:

  1. Open the viislaservice.exe.config configuration file for editing.
  2. Set the EnableTenantsProtectionReports parameter to true and save the file.
  3. Restart the Integration Server.

The Integration Server will receive data on the time intervals when Light Agents were connected to SVMs from each SVM.

If the function of receiving report data is enabled, but SVM is not connected to the Integration Server, the data packets are queued for sending. When the maximum number of packets in the queue is reached, older data packets are deleted. The parameters for sending data are set up in the /etc/opt/kaspersky/agents_monitor/agents_monitor.conf configuration file on SVM. You can configure the maximum queue size for the packets to be sent using the max_queue_size parameter.

The received data is stored in the Integration Server database. The default report retention period is 460 days. You can configure this value using the TenantsProtectionPeriodsRecordsLifetimeDays parameter in the viislaservice.exe.config configuration file of the Integration Server.

The size of the Integration Server database increases proportionally to the number of the tenant protected virtual machines.

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