Generating tenant protection reports

The report generation procedure is automated by means of the Integration Server REST API.

You can pass the following report generation parameters in the request to the REST API:

If the tenant identifier is not specified in the request, the report will include data on all virtual machines that were protected during the specified period. Including the data on virtual machines that do not belong to the tenants.

If the report generation period is not specified in the request, the report will include data stored in the Integration Server database from the earliest date up to the current moment.

To obtain reliable information in the reports, it is recommended to follow these rules when specifying the reporting period:

As a result of the report generation procedure, the report identifier is returned. The report is generated in the protected service folder %ProgramData%\Kaspersky Lab\VIISLA\protectionPeriodsReports. By default the report is stored within 24 hours from the moment of generation. To get the report, use the report identifier in the request to the REST API to upload the report.

You can configure the report retention period using the TenantsProtectionReportsLifetimeHours parameter in the Integration Server configuration file: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky VIISLA\viislaservice.exe.config.

The data in the report is presented line by line. Each line contains information about one virtual machine protection period in the following format:

{tenant ID};{tenant name};{virtual machine ID};{virtual machine name};{date and time when protection was enabled};{date and time when protection was disabled}


If during the reporting period the virtual machine was protected by the application several times (protection was enabled and disabled), the report displays each virtual machine protection period.

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