Web Control

The Kaspersky Security functionality described in this section is available only if the application is installed on a virtual machine with a Windows desktop operating system.

Web Control allows controlling actions by LAN users, by restricting or blocking access to web resources. A web resource is an individual web page or several web pages, or a website or several websites that have a common feature.

Web Control can monitor the web resources, which are accessed through secure connections.

Web Control provides the following features:

All restrictions and blocks that are applied to access to web resources are implemented as web resource access rules.

This section describes how to configure Web Control settings using the Administration Console and the Light Agent for Windows local interface. You can also configure the Web Control settings using the Web Console when creating or modifying the Light Agent for Windows policy settings (Application SettingsEndpoint controlWeb Control).

In this Help section

About web resource access rules

Web resource content categories

Enabling and disabling Web Control

Actions with web resource access rules

Rules for creating masks for web resource addresses

Exporting and importing the list of web resource addresses

Editing templates of Web Control messages

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