Starting the installation

Considering that the operating system of the virtual machine that you want to protect could contain malicious programs that are capable of interfering with the installation of Light Agent for Windows, it is recommended to protect the installation.

Installation protection is enabled by default.

It is recommended to disable installation protection if Light Agent installation fails. For example, this may occur during remote installation via Windows Remote Desktop. The reason for this may be that installation protection is enabled for Light Agent for Windows. In this case, terminate the installation and restart the Installation wizard. At this step, clear the Protect the installation process check box.

If you install Light Agent on a virtual machine that uses Citrix Provisioning (Citrix Provisioning Services) technology, select the Ensure compatibility with Citrix Provisioning (Citrix Provisioning Services) check box. This check box is cleared by default.

If you are installing Light Agent for Windows on a template of temporary virtual machines, select the Installation on the template for temporary VDI pools check box. Updates that require restarting the protected virtual machine will not be installed on virtual machines created from this template. When it receives updates that require a restart of the protected virtual machine, Light Agent for Windows will send a message to Kaspersky Security Center informing it that the databases and application modules need to be updated on the protected virtual machine template. This checkbox is cleared by default.

For information about installing Light Agent for Windows to virtual machine templates, please also refer to the Knowledge Base.

The Add path to file in %PATH% system variable check box adds the path to the file to the %PATH% system variable. If the check box is selected, there is no need to enter the path to the executable file to start Light Agent for Windows or any Light Agent tasks from the command line. It is sufficient to enter the name of the executable file and the command to start the task. This check box is set by default.

To start installation of Light Agent for Windows, click Install.

Installation of Light Agent for Windows to the virtual machine may disrupt the current network connections.

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