How to send data about application or browser window to Kaspersky Lab

If you encounter problems with an application or browser window open on your computer, you can report this window to Kaspersky Lab via Kaspersky Total Security.

To send data about application or browser window to Kaspersky Lab:

  1. Open the main application window of Kaspersky Total Security.
  2. Click the More Tools button.
  3. Select the Clean and optimize section.
  4. Click the PC Cleaner link to open the PC Cleaner window.
  5. Click the Report annoying application link.

    The cursor changes into a target.

  6. Point the cursor at the application or browser window that you want to report to Kaspersky Lab.
  7. Left-click to gather data about application or website that opened this window.

    The Gathering data about application window opens.

  8. To view data about the chosen window, click the View gathered data link.

    This opens the View data about application window, where you can view all the gathered information about the chosen window.

  9. To send the gathered data to Kaspersky Lab, click the Send button.
  10. In the window that opens, select the I have read the Statement regarding data processing and agree to send the data check box.
  11. Click the Confirm and send button.

    Data on the application or browser window will be sent to Kaspersky Lab.

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