Participating in Kaspersky Security Network and using Kaspersky Private Security Network

To protect the user's computer more effectively, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security uses data that is received from users around the globe. Kaspersky Security Network is designed to collect such data.

Kaspersky Security Network (hereinafter also referred to as KSN) is an infrastructure of cloud services providing access to the Kaspersky online knowledge base containing information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. The use of data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures faster responses by Kaspersky Web Traffic Security to objects that are not yet listed in anti-virus application databases, improves the performance of some protection components, and reduces the likelihood of false positives.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network allows Kaspersky to quickly acquire information about the types and sources of objects that are not yet listed in anti-virus application databases, develop methods for neutralizing such objects, and reduce the number of false positives.

When you participate in Kaspersky Security Network, certain statistics collected while Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is running are automatically sent to Kaspersky. Files or their parts which may be exploited by intruders to harm the computer or data can be also sent to Kaspersky to be examined additionally.

No personal data is collected, processed, or stored. The types of data that Kaspersky Web Traffic Security sends to Kaspersky Security Network are described in the KSN Statement.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network is voluntary. The decision whether or not to participate in Kaspersky Security Network is made during the installation of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, and can be changed at any time.

If you do not want to participate in KSN, you can use Kaspersky Private Security Network (hereinafter also referred to as KPSN). KPSN is a solution that allows users to access the reputation databases of Kaspersky Security Network and other statistical data without actually sending data from their own computers to Kaspersky Security Network.

If you want to purchase Kaspersky Private Security Network, you can contact Kaspersky partners in your region.

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