Configuring KATA cache settings

If Receiving objects mode is enabled, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security saves information about objects detected by KATA on all cluster nodes in the KATA cache. When applying protection rules and the default policy, the application takes into account the objects whose information is stored in the KATA cache.

To configure KATA cache settings:

  1. In the application web interface, select the SettingsExternal servicesKATA integration section.
  2. In the KATA cache settings group, in the Cache storage period (hours) field, enter the amount of time (in hours) to store information about objects detected by KATA.

    Valid values are from 1 to 48. The default setting is 48.

  3. If you want to clear the KATA cache, click the Reset cache button and click Yes in the confirmation window.

    Information about this operation is written to the application event log and to the operating system log over the Syslog protocol.

The KATA cache settings are now configured.

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