Information about website categories

Provided below is a full list of website categories. The list of categories for specific Kaspersky products may differ.

The categorization project consists of technologies and databases for categorizing web pages. Categorization is performed on a server that provides verdicts to users. Information about page categories is passed to Kaspersky products. This information is also available from the KWF SDK.

Web content is categorized under top-level categories (as listed in the table of contents), each of which contains several subcategories.

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Adult content

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs

Religions, religious associations

News media

Weapons, explosives, military

Job search

Software, audio, video


Electronic commerce

Violence, intolerance

Profanity, obscenity

Internet communication

Video games

Gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes

Forbidden by regional laws


Generative AI tools

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