Information about website categories

Categories of web content (hereinafter also called the "categories") on the list below have been selected to provide the maximum level of detail in describing blocks of information published on web resources while considering their functionality and themes. The order of the listed categories does not reflect their relative significance or occurrence on the Internet. The names of the categories are conventional and used only for the goals of Kaspersky programs and Web sites. The names do not necessarily correspond to the meanings assigned to them under applicable law. One web resource may be related to several categories at a time.

Provided below is an aggregate list of website categories. The list of categories for specific Kaspersky products may be different.

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Adult content

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs


Profanity, obscenity

Weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics

Job search


Software, audio, video

Gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes

Internet communication

Electronic commerce

Video games

Religions, religious associations

News media


Forbidden by regional laws

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