Using the application through the server console

You can manage some Kaspersky Anti-Virus functions via the command line in the Lotus Domino server console. This section lists the system commands that can be used to manage the primary functions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

System commands are only entered for the kavcontrol task on each protected server individually.

The command must have the following syntax:

tell kavcontrol <command> [<setting>]


If the path to a file or catalog is required as the value of the setting, the rules for specifying paths under the operating system installed on the server must be followed. If the file path uses the 'space' key, the whole path must be contained in double inverted commas, since in such case brackets are indistinguishable from spaces. There must be one space between the setting and the command.



tell kavcontrol addkey "/home/username/my key"


tell kavcontrol addkey " /home/username/my key"

A list of Kaspersky Anti-Virus commands is given in the table below.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus commands







Show available commands.



Add key file.

delkey active


Delete the active key file.

delkey reserve


Delete the additional key file.

delkey both


Delete both key files.



Show information about the active key file.

Start KAVScanner

Start KS


Start database scan.

Stop KAVScanner

Stop KS


Stop database scan.

Pause KAVScanner

Pause KS


Pause database scan.

Resume KAVScanner

Resume KS


Resume database scan.

Start KAVUpdater

Start KU


Start anti-virus database update.

Stop KAVUpdater

Stop KU


Stop anti-virus database update.



Show the anti-virus databases release date.



Show the version number of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus application installed on the server.


<service_name>/ no set value

Show information about the state of the specified service or all services.


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