Configuring Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings using the notes.ini configuration file

Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings can be managed either through the application interface or by changing the notes.ini configuration file. When managing application settings by means of the configuration file, you can specify the values of the settings that are not available via the application interface (such as enabling or disabling incremental scanning of objects) and manage some of the primary Kaspersky Anti-Virus functions via the command line of the Lotus Domino server console.

To change the configuration file settings:

  1. Open the Lotus Domino notes.ini configuration file at the following location:
    • under Microsoft Windows operating systems – in the Domino server's catalog of binary files;
    • under Linux operating systems – in the Lotus Domino server's data catalog.
  2. Edit the settings described below, and save changes.
  3. Reboot the Lotus Domino server.

    The settings in the notes.ini file are not synchronized with the settings in the Kaspersky Anti-Virus interface. The configuration file settings take precedence over the interface settings.

The following settings can be edited:

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