Instances and clusters

You can install more than one instance of Kaspersky Scan Engine in you infrastructure, in HTTP mode, ICAP mode, or both. If you need more than one instance, you may choose to group them into clusters. A cluster is a set of Kaspersky Scan Engine instances that work in the same mode and use the same kavebase database.This allows users to access Kaspersky Scan Engine GUI of any of the installed instances and do the following:

You can configure several instances of Kaspersky Scan Engine simultaneously by using settings profiles. A settings profile is a set of Kaspersky Scan Engine settings that can be applied to one or more instances. Settings profiles are created by using Kaspersky Scan Engine GUI.

The current version of Kaspersky Scan Engine does not include the balancer for distributing scan requests between different instances of Kaspersky Scan Engine. If you want to distribute scan requests, you need to use a third-party balancer.

Cluster diagram

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