Kaspersky Who Calls overview

At the moment, if you are using a card issued by a Russian bank, you can purchase a subscription for the premium version of Kaspersky Who Calls via App Store using one of the options described here. You can also purchase a yearly subscription on the Kaspersky website. We are currently working on other purchase options and will keep you updated. Thank you for staying with us!

Kaspersky Who Calls helps you find out who is hiding behind an unknown number.

When you receive an incoming call, the phone number is checked by using phone number databases provided by the app. If the number is found in the databases, information about the number appears on the incoming call screen, for example, the name of the organization that owns this phone number.

When you receive a spam call, a spam label appears on the incoming call screen. After that, you only have to decide whether to pick up the phone or not. You can also enable the app to block calls from all spammers. If you turn on this feature, incoming spam calls are hidden automatically.

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