Can I download a ready-to-use SIEM connector for Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds?

Latest update: September 22, 2022 ID: 13851

Yes. We have prepared SIEM connectors (based on Kaspersky CyberTrace) for the following SIEM solutions:

We also offer a Kaspersky CyberTrace tool that can be used to easily integrate with other SIEM solutions. 

Please note that Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds can also be supported by a SIEM solution using its in-built capabilities, without Kaspersky CyberTrace, when all the matching logic (Data Feeds and incoming events) is executed inside the SIEM solution. In this case, performance is likely to drop. 

Also, please be aware that all SIEM connectors include Demo Data Feeds. To purchase a commercial Data Feeds license, please contact our sales team.

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