Comment formater un conteneur protégé par Kaspersky KryptoStorage ?



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Comment formater un conteneur protégé par Kaspersky KryptoStorage ?

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2011 déc. 22 Article ID: 2894

Applies to Kaspersky KryptoStorage

During a protected container creation, you will be asked to format a created container. A user of a protected container can format an attached container in a way similar to formatting of a disk. The container is formatted using the standard tools of Microsoft Windows.

Information While formatting a disk to which a protected container is attached, all data inside the container is deleted. 


In order to format the created protected container, perform the following actions:

  • in the Operation completed successfully window which appears after the container has been successfully created, click the Yes button.

  • in the Container parameters window in the Mount point section select a mount point for the protected container. A mount point can be a logical disk (you can specify any free character of volume). 

  • in the mount mode section check Mount as Removable Disk. If Mount as Removable Disk is not checked, then the protected container is attached as a new local disk (it is displayed in the fixed disk list in My Computer).

Information In the Microsoft Windows XPMicrosoft Windows 2003 Server operating systems the NTFS file system can be selected only for fixed disks. Therefore, when defining attachment parameters, clear the Mount as removable disk check-box.

Information Microsoft Windows 2000 does not support FAT and FAT32 formatting of a container which is attached as a fixed disk.

  • in the Container parameters  window click the OK button

  • in the Format Local / Removable Disk specify the parameters:
    • in the Capacity field, the size, which was specified during the container creation, is displayed.
    • in the File system field,specify the the required type (NTFS\FAT\FAT32\exFAT).
    • in the Allocation unit size field, specify the required size (Default allocation unit, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 bytes).
    • in the Volume label field, specify the name of the disk, the names hould be maximum 11 symbols (for NTFS - 32 symbols). The label will be shown together with the disk icon. It is not mandatory to specify the parameter, but it can help to find the required disk, if there are many fixed local disks.
    • in the Format options section, check Quick Format. If the option is not checked, then the full formatting of the disk will be performed. Quick format removes only headers and you can restore the files later. After full formatting the files will be completely removed.

InformationIf you do a quick format and select the FAT or FAT32 file systems, the size of a protected container is minimized and it increases while you fill the container with data. This feature saves free disk space. If you do a quick format and select the NTFS file system, then the container file will have the size which you specify when creating the container.

InformationIf you do a full format, the file of a protected container will have the size specified while creating the container.


    • check Enable Compression to use data compression (the compression is done by packing data during data writing and unpacking it on read).
    • click the Start button when all the required parameters are specified.

If you are not an experienced user, then you are recommended to use the default parameters and options.

Внимание When using a container whose file size increases while you fill it with data, the volume containing the file of the protected container may run out of free space. In this case you will be asked to save data in another place. If the volume where you want to save the data is not protected, the data will not be protected either. If you place the data to the protected area (on other protected volume or removable device), the data is protected as an object placed within a protected area.

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