How to start up Mac OS X in single-user mode?



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How to start up Mac OS X in single-user mode?

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2014 Dec 10 ID: 8429

Single-user mode in Mac OS X is only needed when troubleshooting the computer for a startup issue.

In order to start up your computer in single-user mode, perfrom the following actions:

  1. Restart your computer: click the Apple button on the Menu Bar and select the Restart item. 


  1. When the computer starts rebooting, immediately use the Cmd+S keyboard shortcut (press and hold the Cmd key, then press the S key). 
  2. You have successfully entered single-user mode if you see white text appear on the screen.

In order to exit single-user mode, reboot your computer and then press the Return key (the Enter key, if there is no the Return key on the keyboard).

Pay attention

1. You cannot enter single-user mode if the computer owner or administrator has enabled Open Firmware Password Protection2. When in single-user mode, the keyboard layout is US English
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