How to get a trial key file for Kaspersky Lab products for business



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How to get a trial key file for Kaspersky Lab products for business

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2014 Apr 25 ID: 4247

A trial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is fully functional (same as a commercial one).

The trial period is 30 days after activating a trial key file. Upon expiration of the 30-day trial period, some of Kaspersky Anti-Virus functions will be disabled (updating antivirus databases, scanning email and file system). The trial period cannot be extended by activating another trial key file or reinstalling the application on the same operating system.

To receive a trial key file for a Kaspersky Lab product for business, do the following:

  1. Open the Trials page.
  2. Select the For Business tab.

  1. Select the product from the list and click the link Download Now.

  1. Fill in the Trial Download Form and click OK.

  1. The link will be sent to the email you have specified in the form. Follow the link to confirm your email address. After confirming the email address, you will receive a second email containing the following items:
  • A link to download the application installer.
  • A trial key file for each category of software for protecting particular network nodes.
  • A text file with the information about the trial key.
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