Preparing a Windows device for remote installation in interactive mode

To prepare a Windows device for remote installation in interactive mode:

  1. Run the riprep.exe file on a client device.
  2. In the main window of the remote installation preparation utility, select the following options:
    • Disable simple file sharing
    • Start the Administration Server service
    • Open ports
    • Add an account
    • Disable User Account Control (UAC) (only available for devices running Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or Microsoft Windows Server 2008)
  3. Click the Start button.

The stages of device preparation for remote installation are shown in the lower part of the utility's main window.

If you selected the Add an account option, when an account is created you will be prompted to enter the account name and password. This will create a local account belonging to the local administrators' group.

If you selected the Disable User Account Control (UAC) option, an attempt to disable User Account Control will be made even if UAC was disabled before the utility was started. After UAC is disabled, you will be prompted to restart the device.

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