Installing an application on client devices in an administration group

To install an application on client devices in an administration group:

  1. Establish a connection with the Administration Server that controls the relevant administration group.
  2. Select an administration group in the console tree.
  3. In the group workspace, select the Tasks tab.
  4. Run the task creation by clicking the Create a task button.

    The Add Task Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

    In the Select the task type window of the Add Task Wizard, in the Kaspersky Security Center 14 Administration Server node select Install application remotely as the task type.

    The Add Task Wizard creates a group task of remote installation of the selected application. The new task appears in the workspace of the administration group on the Tasks tab.

  5. Run the task manually or wait for it to launch according to the schedule specified by you in the task settings.

On completion of the remote installation task, the selected application will be installed on client devices in the administration group.

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