Configuring the work profile

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To configure the settings of the Android work profile:

  1. In the console tree, in the Managed devices folder, select the administration group to which the Android devices belong.
  2. In the workspace of the group, select the Policies tab.
  3. Open the policy properties window by double-clicking any column.

    Complete the following steps within 15 minutes. Otherwise, you may face an error when saving changes to the policy.

  4. In the policy Properties window, select the Android work profile.
  5. In the Android work profile workspace, select the Create work profile check box.
  6. Specify the work profile settings:
    • On the General tab, specify the data sharing, contact, and other settings:
      • Settings in the Data access and sharing section:
        • Prohibit personal profile apps to share data with work profile apps
        • Prohibit work profile apps to share data with personal profile apps
        • Prohibit work profile apps to access files in personal profile
        • Prohibit personal profile apps to access files in work profile
        • Prohibit use of clipboard content across personal and work profiles
        • Prohibit activation of USB debugging mode
        • Prohibit the user to add and remove accounts in work profile
        • Prohibit screen sharing, recording, and screenshots in work profile apps
      • Settings in the Contacts section:
    • On the Apps tab, specify the following settings:
      • Enable App Control in Work profile only
      • Enable Web Protection in work profile only

        For Samsung Internet Browser, HUAWEI Browser, and Yandex Browser, leave the Enable Web Protection in work profile only check box unselected. These browsers do not allow you to enable Web Protection only in the work profile. If you select this check box, Web Protection in these browsers will not work.

        You can specify website access settings (create a list of blocked website categories or a list of allowed websites) in the Web Protection section.

      • Prohibit installation of apps in the work profile from unknown sources
      • Prohibit removal of apps from work profile
      • Prohibit display of notifications from work profile apps when screen is locked
      • Prohibit use of camera for work profile apps
      • Granting runtime permissions for work profile apps
      • Adding widgets of work profile apps to device home screen
    • On the Certificates tab, you can configure the following settings:
      • Duplicate installation of the VPN certificates in personal profile
      • Duplicate installation of root certificates in personal profile
    • On the Password tab, specify work profile password settings:
      • Require to set password for work profile
      • Minimum number of characters
      • Minimum password complexity requirements (Android 12 or earlier)
      • Maximum number of incorrect password attempts before deletion of work profile
      • Maximum password age, in days
      • Number of days to notify that a password change is required
      • Number of recent passwords that can't be used as a new password
      • The period of inactivity before the device screen locks, in seconds
      • Period after unlocking by biometric methods before entering a password, in minutes (Android 8.0 or later)
      • Allow biometric unlock methods (Android 9+)
      • Allow use of fingerprints
      • Allow face scanning (Android 9 or later)
      • Allow iris scanning (Android 9 or later)
    • On the Passcode tab, specify the one-time passcode settings. The user will be prompted to enter the one-time passcode to unlock their work profile if it was locked.
      • Passcode length
      • Passcode
  7. To configure work profile settings on the user's mobile device, block changes to settings.
  8. Click the Apply button to save the changes you have made.

Mobile device settings are changed after the next device synchronization with Kaspersky Security Center. The space of the user's mobile device is divided into a work profile and a personal profile.

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