About Android work profile

Android Enterprise is a platform for managing the corporate mobile infrastructure, which provides company employees with a work environment in which they can use mobile devices. For details on using Android Enterprise, see the Google support website.

You can create the Android work profile (hereinafter also "work profile") on the user's mobile device. Android work profile is a safe environment on the user's device in which the administrator can manage apps and user accounts without restricting the user's use of his/her own data. When a work profile is created on the user's mobile device, the following corporate apps are automatically installed to it: Google Play Market, Google Chrome, Downloads, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android, and others. Corporate apps installed in the work profile and notifications of these apps are marked with a KSM_afw_box icon. You have to create a separate Google corporate account for the Google Play Market app. Apps installed in the work profile appear in the common list of apps.

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