Deployment scenarios for iOS MDM profile

An iOS MDM profile is a profile that contains the settings for connecting mobile devices running iOS to Kaspersky Security Center. After installation of an iOS MDM profile and synchronization with Kaspersky Security Center, the device becomes a managed device. Mobile devices are managed through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

Using an iOS MDM profile, you can do the following:

An iOS MDM profile can be deployed on mobile devices within the corporate network in several ways. You can use the most suitable deployment scenario for your organization or combine several deployment scenarios.

Before deploying an iOS MDM profile, you must deploy a mobile device management system.

For details on deploying an iOS MDM profile in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, please refer to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud help.

Deploying an iOS MDM profile via Kaspersky Security Center

Deployment of an iOS MDM profile via Kaspersky Security Center can be carried out by sending messages containing a link to download the iOS MDM profile. Mass mailing is available.

The user installs the iOS MDM profile to a mobile device after receiving the message with a link to the Kaspersky Security Center Web Server. No additional preparations for the iOS MDM profile are required.

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