About Kaspersky Thin Client

Kaspersky Thin Client (hereinafter also referred to as "the system") is a cyberimmune operating system for thin clients based on the KasperskyOS operating system. Kaspersky Thin Client is designed to provide users with access to a remote desktop and serves as a substitute for a local workstation. Kaspersky Thin Client version 1.6 can be installed only to a TONK TN1200 thin client.

Core functions of Kaspersky Thin Client:

Kaspersky Thin Client is part of the Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace comprehensive solution. This solution also includes the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console designed for centralized administration and monitoring of thin clients with Kaspersky Thin Client. Management of thin clients through the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console is enabled by the Kaspersky Security Management Suite web plug-in (included in the distribution kit).

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