Checking and securely storing your passwords

Available only in Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium.

If you are an active Internet user, you normally have to use many different passwords, such as when you visit websites of banks, social networks, and mail services. It is not convenient to use a large number of passwords because you have to remember which password you use on a particular website. This frequently causes users to resort to the easy solution of using one simple password on different websites. However, this is not a secure solution. A simple password that is used on several websites can be easily cracked or intercepted by hackers. If this happens with a password from a banking website, you risk losing your money.

Check password strength

The Kaspersky application checks the security of passwords that you create on the Internet. If passwords are not secure enough, Kaspersky can help you to create strong passwords and store them in a safe place.

Protect against using the same passwords

When you enter a password on a website where password security is especially important (such as on a social network), the Kaspersky application prompts you to enable protection against the use of the same passwords.

If protection against the use of the same passwords is enabled, the Kaspersky application checks whether or not you have previously used the password that you are entering on websites of the following categories:

If the password that you are entering has already been used on the websites of these categories, the Kaspersky application notifies you about it and offers you to create a new password. You can select website categories, for which the use of the same passwords should be monitored.

Secure storage for passwords and documents

Kaspersky Password Manager is designed to keep your passwords and documents safe. It uses a special encrypted storage to securely store your personal information: passwords, identity data, financial or medical information.

You can download Kaspersky Password Manager from the Kaspersky application window.

How to download and install Kaspersky Password Manager

How to start Kaspersky Password Manager from the Kaspersky application window

See the Kaspersky Password Manager Help for instructions on using Kaspersky Password Manager.

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