Remote Access Detection

Remote access applications are legitimate software for connecting to a remote computer over the network. Remote access applications include TeamViewer, LogMeIn Pro, and Remotely Anywhere. Hackers can use such applications to gain control over your computer, install malware, impersonate you, or begin spying on you.

We will check if remote access applications are installed on your computer and will help you remove such applications to prevent anybody from gaining control over your device.

To find remote access applications on your computer:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Go to the Identity section.
  3. In the Remote Access Detection block, click the View button.
  4. This opens the Remote Access Detection window; in this window, you can see which remote access applications were found on your computer.

    In this window, you can:

    • Click Details next to a remote access application to view a short description of the application.
    • In the drop-down list next to an application, select Remove if you want to remove the application. This takes you to the Programs and Features window where you can remove the relevant application.
    • In the drop-down list next to an application, select Ignore if you do not want to remove the application right now. The application is added to the Hidden group and you will be able to return to it later.

Searching for remote access applications does not work if the Intrusion Prevention component is disabled.

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