You agree to automatically, while using the software, provide Kaspersky with the following data for improving the quality of real-time protection, improving the quality of operation of the software and the timely detection and rectification of errors associated with the mechanism for installation, removal and update of the software, accounting for the number of users:

- Information about the Rightholder's installed Software: full version of the Software; Software update ID; type of the installed Software; Software installation/uninstallation status; installation error code; Software ID; Software rebranding ID; Software localization; ID of the Software rebranding; OS type (server, workstation, domain controller); installation type (new installation, update); duration of Software installation in seconds; flag indicating whether the installation was aborted by the user; Software ID; Software component ID; protocol ID; version of the Software's component; source file path; number of the string in the script where the error has occurred; name of the module in which the failure probably occurred; Software module ID; nested error occurred during the application operation;

- Other information: protocol used to exchange data with KSN; the configuration identifier; result of the Software action; error code; error type; text of the error message; memory stack of the Software process failure; address for the Software module loading; process system ID (PID);

- Information about the User environment: Device Guard (Windows) enablement status; first 5 bytes of device MAC address; operating system family; OS version, OS build number, OS update number, OS edition, extended information about the OS edition; type of hardware platform; additional information about OS features; device type (laptop, desktop, tablet); attribute data;

- Information about an object being processed: public key of the certificate; digital certificate thumbprint of the scanned object and hashing algorithm; name of the detected malware or legitimate software that can be used to damage the user's device or data; timestamp of the triggered record in the Software's anti-virus databases; ID of the triggered record in the Software's anti-virus databases; type of the triggered record in the Software's anti-virus databases; size of the object being processed; description of an object being processed as defined in the object properties; object type code;

- Information about accessing a web service: web address being processed; accessed IPv4 address of the web service; certificate type; total duration of request processing;

- Information about the license and other agreements: type of Software license used; Software license term; number of days till Software license expiration; full name of the partner organization through which the Software license order was placed;