Your subscription expired

If you have automatic renewal activated, the subscription is automatically renewed for another term without your intervention. If you do not have automatic renewal activated, you must renew the subscription manually.

If you renew the subscription manually and you have previously added a new activation code in the application, when the current subscription expires, the application is automatically activated with the new activation code.

To renew a subscription:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Go to the Profile section. If your device is connected to your My Kaspersky account, your email address is displayed here.
  3. In subscription information, click Renew now.

    The website of the Kaspersky eStore or one of our partners opens in the default browser. Follow the instructions on the website.

Your subscription will be updated automatically within an hour of renewal.

You can also send the new subscription to devices from your My Kaspersky account. For details about sending a subscription to a device connected to your account, see My Kaspersky help.

If you have not renewed your subscription, the application may switch to limited functionality mode.

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