Renewing the active subscription using a new activation code

If you have a new activation code, you can add it to the application to be used as a backup code. When the subscription expires, the application is activated automatically with the new activation code. This way, you can ensure uninterrupted protection for your device.

There are cases when you cannot add a new activation code.

To add a new activation code:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Go to the Profile section. If your device is connected to your My Kaspersky account, your email address is displayed here.
  3. Under subscription information, click the three dots and select Enter activation code.
  4. In the entry field, enter the activation code and click the Save activation code button.

The new activation code will be displayed in the Subscription details window.

If you enter a new activation code that was issued for multiple devices, you must follow the steps to apply the new code on all devices where you want to renew the subscription automatically.

An attempt to activate and fully verify the new code will be made when the current subscription expires, or if the current subscription is removed from the device. The application verifies the expiration date of the new activation code, the maximum number of devices that the subscription can be used on, as well as the compatibility of the subscription with the installed version of the application. During the activation of a new activation code, a connection to the My Kaspersky account may be required.

If the new activation code that you are adding has already been applied on this device or on another device, the activation date for the purpose of renewing the subscription using the new code is the date on which the application was activated with this code for the first time. To renew the subscription, add a new activation code that has an expiration date later than the expiration date of the subscription currently used by the application.

If the application did not automatically activate with a new activation code, you can activate it manually by clicking the Try again button. If the current subscription is blocked, you can activate the new activation code by clicking Activate now.

You can also send the new activation code to devices from your My Kaspersky account. For details about sending a subscription to a device connected to your account, see My Kaspersky help.

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