About your subscription

The subscription determines your application usage settings (subscription expiration date and the number of protected devices). Your subscription is provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

A subscription entitles you to the following kinds of services:

We recommend renewing the subscription before it expires, in order to ensure maximum protection of your computer against all security threats. If auto-renewal is disabled, or the application cannot renew your subscription for some reason (your bank card has expired or has been blocked), when the subscription expires, a grace period can be activated to let you renew the subscription; you can use the complete functionality of the application without limitations while the grace period is active. If you have not renewed your subscription, the application may switch to limited functionality mode when the grace period expires. The duration of limited functionality mode depends on your region and licensing terms. For information about the expiration date of the grace period and the limited functionality mode, see the Profile section.

About subscriptions purchased from service providers

About subscriptions purchased through the App Store or Google Play

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