How to uninstall the application

After removing Kaspersky, your computer and personal data will be unprotected.

Kaspersky is removed using the Setup and Removal Wizard.

How to uninstall the application in Windows 7

How to uninstall the application in Windows 8 or later

Removal involves the following steps:

  1. To remove Kaspersky, you must enter the password for accessing the application settings. If you cannot specify the password, for any reason, application removal will be prohibited.

    This step is available only if a password has been set for application removal.

  2. Saving data for future use

    During this step you can specify which of the data used by the application you want to keep for further use during the next installation of the application (for example, when installing a newer version of the application).

You can save the following data:

  1. Confirming removal

    Since removing the application threatens the security of your computer and personal data, you will be asked to confirm your intention to remove the application. To do this, click the Remove button.

  2. Completing removal

During this step, the Wizard removes the application from your computer. Wait until removal is complete.

This functionality may be unavailable in some regions.

During removal of the application, you must restart your operating system. If you cancel an immediate restart, completion of the removal procedure is postponed until the operating system is restarted or the computer is turned off and then started up.

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