A password protects the following application settings from being changed by a user or group. If a check box next to an action is selected, it means that the user or user group is allowed to perform the selected action.

Configure application settings

Change application settings in the main window, the Settings window, Notification Center and notifications.

Enable and disable application traces.

Manage Backup and Restore

Create, modify and remove Backup and Restore jobs.

Manage children's protection

Block startup of Kaspersky Safe Kids using the Host Intrusion Prevention component, exit the Kaspersky application or configure the Kaspersky application so as to disable protection.

When trying to download, install, or launch Kaspersky Safe Kids, the password is not requested.

Exit the application

Exit the application.

Remove / modify / restore the application

Remove, modify and restore the application.

Remove key

Remove or modify an activation code and reserve activation code.

View reports

Go to the Reports window.

Disable protection components

Disable and enable protection components available in the Settings window, in the Protection section.

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