Collecting information for Technical Support

After you report a problem to Kaspersky Technical Support, they may ask you to generate a report with information about the operating system and send it to Kaspersky Technical Support. Kaspersky Technical Support may also ask you to create a trace file. The trace file allows you to trace the process of performing application commands step by step and determine the stage of application operation at which an error occurs.

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent enables system event audit using Linux Audit Daemon and configures audit rules for its operation. When the application is uninstalled, the configured audit rules are also removed. This does not stop Linux Audit Daemon operation.

To provide support more effectively in case of questions about the operation of the application, Technical Support experts can ask you to temporarily modify application settings for debugging purposes during diagnostics. To do so, you may have to:

All information required to perform the listed actions (description of the sequence of steps, settings to be modified, configuration files, scripts, additional command line features, debugging modules, specialized utilities, etc.), as well as the composition of data retrieved for debugging purposes, will be announced by the Technical Support experts. The retrieved diagnostic information is saved on the user computer. The retrieved data is not automatically sent to Kaspersky.

The actions listed above can only be performed under the guidance of the Technical Support specialists following the instructions received from them. Unsupervised changes to application settings performed in ways other than those described in the Help or according to the instructions of Technical Support experts can slow down or crash the operating system, reduce computer security, or compromise the availability and integrity of data being processed.

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