Individual user reports in Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

Latest update: November 25, 2021 ID: 15606

In the Individual user report section, you can find detailed information about the study progress of the users:

  • User’s progress
  • Easiest and most difficult topics and modules 
  • If phishing simulations have been passed successfully
  • Time spent on lessons and tests
  • What types of tasks will be available for a user and when

To view an individual user’s report:

  • In the Who needs my attention report, click The progress icon next to the user’s namenext to the user’s name.

The location of the progress button in the Who needs my attention report window.

  • Open the Users tab and click the The progress icon next to the user’s nameicon next to the user’s name.

The location of the progress button on the Users tab.

Individual user report contains three tabs:

  • Progress. On this tab, you can view:
    • General information (group, status, planned and estimated end dates).
    • Learning schedule.
    • Daily user activity graph showing learning progress.
    • Status of modules completion on the current learning level (theory, test, simulated attack).
    • Recommendations sent to the user.
    • Next planned lessons and available dates.
    • Difficulties (failed or restarted tests or attack simulations).
    • A diagram showing user’s progress on different topics compared to the group goal and average group performance.
    • Certificates on each completed topic and user’s level.
  • History. The tab contains details on interaction with the user, e.g. emails sent to the user.
  • Phishing. The tab contains the list of test phishing attacks and information on user’s reaction on phishing emails.
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