Configuring the detail level of application logs

To configure the detail level of application logs:

  1. Perform the following steps in the Management Console tree:
    • To configure the detail level of logs for an unassigned Security Server, expand the node of the relevant Security Server.
    • To configure the detail level of logs for Security Servers belonging to a profile, expand the Profiles node and inside it expand the node of the profile in which you want to configure the diagnostics level of logs on the Security Servers.
  2. Select the Settings node.
  3. Expand the Diagnostics block of settings.
  4. Click the Settings button in the Log details section.

    This opens the Diagnostics settings window.

  5. Select the check boxes next to the events of which the application must log the details.
  6. Click OK to save the changes and close the window.

    If you have selected multiple events in the window, the detail level changes to Custom. The application will record main events in the application operation, as well as detailed information for the events that you have specified.

    If you have selected all of the events in the window, the detail level changes to Maximum. The application will record detailed information about all events to logs.

    Detailed application logging may slow the application down.

    Confidential data from the contents of messages and network queries can be recorded to detailed logs.

  7. If you want to reset the current detail level of a log, click the Reset button.

    The application changes the detail level to Minimum. Logs will only contain basic events from the application operation, such as scan results, updates of databases, and keys added.

  8. Click Save to save the changes.

If the application is running on a Microsoft Exchange server included in a DAG, the detail level that has been set on one of the Microsoft Exchange servers will be automatically applied to the rest of the Microsoft Exchange servers included in the same DAG. You do not have to configure the detail level on other Microsoft Exchange servers in the same DAG.


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