Kaspersky Security Center 11 Help

What's new

Find out what's new in the latest application release.

Configuring network protection

Manage the security of the organization.

Hardware and software requirements

Check which operating systems and application versions are supported.

Kaspersky Lab applications. Updating databases and software modules

Maintain the reliability of the protection system.

Deployment and initial setup

Plan the use of resources, install the Administration Server, install Network Agent and security applications on client devices, and consolidate devices into administration groups.

Monitoring and reporting

View your infrastructure, protection statuses, and statistics.

Discovering networked devices

Discover the existing and new devices on your organization's network.

Replacing third-party security applications

Learn methods for uninstalling incompatible applications.

Kaspersky Lab applications. Centralized deployment

Deploy Kaspersky Lab applications.

Adjustment of distribution points and/or connection gateways

Configure distribution points.

Upgrading Kaspersky Security Center from a previous version

Upgrade Kaspersky Security Center 11 from a previous version.

KSC_FAQ_Best practices

Best Practices for Service Providers

Learn recommendations on how to deploy, configure, and use the application, as well as ways to resolve typical issues in the application operation.

Kaspersky Lab applications. Licensing and activation

Activate Kaspersky Lab applications in a few steps.


Sizing Guide

For optimal performance under varying conditions, take into account the number of networked devices, network topology, and set of Kaspersky Security Center features that you require.

KSC_FAQ_Replace app

Working in a cloud environment

Deploy Kaspersky Security Center in cloud environments: Amazon Web Servicesā„¢, Microsoft Azureā„¢, Google Cloud Platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find an answer to your question.

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