Managing statistics

Statistics on the status of the protection system and managed devices are displayed in information panels that can be customized. Statistics are displayed in the workspace of the Administration Server node on the Statistics tab. The tab contains some second-level tabs (pages). Each tabbed page displays information panels with statistics, as well as links to corporate news and other materials from Kaspersky. The statistical information is displayed in information panels as a table or chart (pie or bar). The data in the information panels is updated while the application is running and reflects the current state of the protection application.

You can modify the set of second-level tabs on the Statistics tab, the number of information panels on each tabbed page, and the data display mode in information panels.

To add a new second-level tab with information panels on the Statistics tab:

  1. Click the Customize view button in the upper right corner of the Statistics tab.

    The statistics properties window opens. This window contains a list of tabbed pages that are currently shown on the Statistics tab. In this window, you can change the display order for the pages on the tab, add and remove pages, and proceed to configuration of page properties by clicking the Properties button.

  2. Click the Add button.

    This opens the properties window of a new page.

  3. Configure the new page:
    • In the General section, specify the page name.
    • In the Information panels section, click the Add button to add information panels that must be displayed on the page.

      Click the Properties button in the Information panels section to set up the properties of information panels that you added: name, type, and appearance of the chart in the panel, as well as data required to plot the chart.

  4. Click OK.

The tabbed page with information panels that you have added appears on the Statistics tab. Click the settings icon () to proceed instantly to configuration of the page or a selected information panel on that page.

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