Control of virus outbreaks

Kaspersky Security Center allows you to quickly respond to emerging threats of virus outbreaks. Risks of virus outbreaks are assessed by monitoring virus activity on devices.

You can configure assessment rules for threats of virus outbreaks and actions to take in case one emerges; to do this, use the Virus outbreak section of the properties window of Administration Server.

You can specify the notification procedure for the Virus outbreak event in the Event configuration section of the Administration Server properties window, in the Virus outbreak event properties window.

The Virus outbreak event is generated upon detection of Malicious object detected events during the operation of security applications. Therefore, you must save information about all Malicious object detected events on Administration Server in order to recognize virus outbreaks.

You can specify the settings for saving information about any Malicious object detected event in the policies of the security applications.

When Malicious object detected events are counted, only information from the devices of the primary Administration Server is taken into account. The information from secondary Administration Servers is not taken into account. For each secondary Server, the Virus outbreak event is configured individually.

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