Local installation of applications

This section provides an installation procedure for applications that can be installed on local devices only.

To perform local installation of applications on a specific client device, you must have administrator rights on this device.

To install applications locally on a specific client device:

  1. Install Network Agent on the client device and configure the connection between the client device and Administration Server.
  2. Install the requisite applications on the device as described in the guides of these applications.
  3. Install a management plug-in for each of the installed applications on the administrator's workstation.

Kaspersky Security Center also supports the option of local installation of applications using a stand-alone installation package. Kaspersky Security Center does not support installation of all Kaspersky applications.

In this section

Local installation of Network Agent

Installing Network Agent in non-interactive (silent) mode

Installing Network Agent for Linux in silent mode (with an answer file)

Local installation of the application management plug-in

Installing applications in non-interactive mode

Installing applications by using stand-alone packages

Network Agent installation package settings

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