Adding a user role

To add a user role:

  1. In the console tree, select the node with the name of the required Administration Server.
  2. In the context menu of the Administration Server, select Properties.
  3. In the Administration Server properties window, in the Sections pane select User roles and click the Add button.

    The User roles section is available if the Display security settings sections option is enabled.

  4. In the New role properties window, configure the role:
    • In the Sections, select General and specify the name of the role.

      The name of a role cannot be more than 100 characters long.

    • Select the Rights section, and configure the set of rights by selecting the Allow and Deny check boxes next to the application features.

    If you are operating on the primary Administration Server, you can enable the Relay list of roles to secondary Administration Servers option.

  5. Click OK.

The role is added.

User roles that have been created for Administration Server are displayed in the Administration Server properties window, in the User roles section. You can modify and delete user roles, as well as assign roles to user groups or selected users.

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