Gathering information about applications that are installed on protected virtual machines

To create an Application Startup Control rule, it is recommended to first obtain information about the applications that are used on corporate LAN computers. You can obtain the following information:

Information about applications that are used on protected virtual machines on the corporate LAN is available in the Applications registry folder and in the Executable files folder. The Applications registry folder and the Executable files folder are located in the Application management folder in the Kaspersky Security Center console tree (for details see Kaspersky Security Center manuals).

The Applications registry folder contains the list of applications that were detected by the Network Agent which is installed on protected virtual machines.

The Executable files folder contains a list of the executable files that have ever been started on protected virtual machines or that have been detected during Kaspersky Security's inventory task.

To view general information about the application and its executable files, and the list of protected virtual machines on which an application is installed, open the properties window of an application that is selected in the Applications registry folder or in the Executable files folder.

Lists of applications and executable files in these folders are created by Network Agent if the About started applications check box is selected in the Light Agent for Windows policy properties in the Reports and Storages section in the Inform Administration Server subsection.

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